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TripAdvisor: A hotel in Horsens is among the country's most popular

The entire digitization makes it much easier for visitors to give feedback on their hotel experience. For us it is an important tool that allows us to adjust our business to what the guests would expect, says Thomas Oest on pages like TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor: A hotel in Horsens is among the country's most popular

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HORSENS - Horsens' most popular hotel is Scandic Bygholm Park, and it is also among the most popular in Denmark.

The assessment comes from the travelpage TripAdvisor based on several hundred reviews that hotel guests have contributed with.

Scandic Bygholm Park Hotel is number eight on TripAdvisor's new national top 25 ranking list that includes known places such as Ruth's Hotel in Skagen and d'Angleterre in Copenhagen among the country's most popular hotels to visit.

- We are very pleased with the position. We live to provide our guests with good experiences, and this confirms our view that we are doing something right, says hotel director Thomas Oest, who has been at the head of Scandic Bygholm Park in the past two years.

Diploma to the wall - knowledge to development

He can now look forward to getting a diploma for the guests' positive assessment of the place. The diploma will be placed on one of the hotel walls called "proud accomplisment", but it is really a side issue, explains Thomas Oest.

We use pages like TripAdvisor on a daily basis bacause they help us put ourselves in the shoes of the guests. I use the feedback in my overall strategy for the hotel, but it is also something that we share among the staff, so we are aware of what guests say about us, explains Thomas Oest, who personally replies to the response guests give on pages like TripAdvisor.

- Ordinarily it really is an important tool for us, and of course we are proud and happy for the position and of the fact that guests take the time to tell what they think, says Thomas Oest.

TripAdvisor is one of the biggest international pages, where travelers can share experiences with topics such as places to eat and accommodation options. Scandic Byghoplm Park's position on the Danish top 25 also is followed by TripAdvisor's mark "Traveller's choice".

See the lists here

You can see the national top 25 here, and below is the list of the most popular local hotels under the auspices of TripAdvisor.

All hotels on the list, apart from Korning Kro, that are in the category "low cost", are ranked as so-called "middle class" hotels.

1. Scandic Byghom Park

2. Hotel Opus

3. Best Western - Jørgensens Hotel

4. Hotel Korning Kro

5. Teaterhotellet

6. Danica Hotel

7. Hotel Pejsegården

Written by: Jakob Høgh