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The wooden promenade will be ready for use mid-2017

The wooden promenade in front of Casa?s future domicile at Havnetrekanten. On the left in the picture are the pergolas, that will give a possibility for market- and culturual activities. VISUALISATION: ARKITEKTFIRMAET HASLØV & KJÆRSGAARD A/S

The wooden promenade will be ready for use mid-2017

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Translated by Georgi Iliev

horsens - The first of the two planned high-rise buildings are slowly but surely rising at Havnetrekanten, and with this comes Horsens Kommune's part in the beautification of the innermost part of Nordhavnen: the renovation of the quay.

- We have divers who are currently preparing the concrete supports on the quay in front of The Geysers, and afterwards we will begin to renovate the quay in parallel with the constructions in the area, so everything is hopefully ready to use mid-2017. In the autumn the construction work will be started for real, says Jesper Gemme, head of the town and harbor development for the kommune.

At first the quay around Havnetrekanten and on the other side of the harbour basin, in front of Hornsyld Købmandsgaard will be renovated.

Broad wooden promenade and a landing stage

A c.a. 5m wide wooden promenade with public access will be built. It is to be built outside of the existing quay in a lower level, and the idea for the inner harbour is that there will be constructed a landing stage for guest-yachtsmen to use.

By the old ferry landing, which until now has been used by the Endelave ferry, it should be possible to put sea kayaks in and pull them up again.

- Furthermore pergolas will be put up between Casa's future domicile and the wooden promenade. They should allow for market- or cultural activities, says Jepser Gemmer.

- The idea is that the atmosphere on the quay should be urbane and intimate by Havnetrekanten, and that it becomes more open and harbour-like, when we near the renovation of the quay further ahead, says Jesper Gemmer.

The city council has allotted 25 million kr. for the renovation of the quay.

- This is money, that to some part should be used under all circumstances, because the quay today is in bad condition in many places, he says.

In connection with the renovation of the quay the area around Danafeed factory is closed down, so the access to f.ex the summer activities at Jernlageret should be from Jens Hjernøes Vej.

Orginial text by Thomas Schütt