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The prison called for topping-out ceremony under ground

Mayor Peter Sørensen used his speech to among others thank Nordea Fonden, which is the major donor behind the tunnel. Archieve photo: Martin Ravn

The prison called for topping-out ceremony under ground

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HORSENS: Can a topping-out ceremony be held in a tunnel?


Well, this certainly happened on Monday, when the prison and prison museum highlighted that project Lorentzen's tunnel is now so long that one can take a tour through this future attraction in the yellow buildings on Fussingsvej.


Last week the six concrete elements the tunnel is built up on arrived. Since then the joints have been sealed and cement has been cast, where necessary, and on Monday the guests could at the topping-out ceremony take the trip from Carl August Lorentzen's isolation cell through the tunnel to the gatehouse.

Posters and shadow play

Lorentzen followed the same route, when he dug his tunnel for over 11 months in 1949.


It will be reconstructed in the coming few months behind a glass wall, which is set up in the newly established tunnel. On 20th May it will be opened, and the prison museum visitors can via posters, objects and a shadow play follow how Carl August Lorentzen dug his way out.


He fled on the day before Christmas Eve in 1949. He had only a few days of freedom, but his reputation as escape king was to a degree cemented. And the sentence he wrote on a piece of cardboard that he left behind, is knows well by most people: "Where there's a will there's a way."

The result of a good work

Precisely these words also appeared in the speeches that both Mayor Peter Sorensen (S) and the Culture Committee Chairman Martin Ravn (V) held at the get-together.


Both of them talked about Lorentzens's will to break out and the willingness of Horsens Museum in cooperation with the Prison Museum and the coming attraction.


  • This is the result of a good work, stated Peter Sorensen.


  • This shows what people are capable, if the will is there, said Martin Ravn.


When Horsens Museum's director Anne Bjerrekær was asked whether the whole thing ends in a glorification of Carl August Lorentzen:


  • No, she replied. Lorentzen's story tells about the desperation that can influence the prisoners and what they will do to escape. Moreover, it is the story of the only escape tunnel of these dimensions that we have in Denmark.

Original text by Chr. Rimestad