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The large fire is under control


The large fire is under control

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Poca Glasfiber at Nrd. Fabriksvej in Hedensted burned on Monday evening

Hedensted: The big fire in Poca Glasfiber at Ndr. Fabriksvej in Hedensted was declared to be under control around 22:30 o'clock, and shortly before midnight the authorities also lifted the warning, which was issued about danger of hazardous and toxic smoke from the fire.

On-site commander Dennis Ottosen from Sydøstjylland's fire department had established one and a half hours earlier, that the fire was under control.

- The fire no longer holds a risk of spreading. We are still missing specialized vehicles from Sjælland, which have a special type of foam, expected to make a difference, so we are maintaining our efforts during the night, said emergency chief Dennis Ottosen. 

A massive pillar of smoke rose early in the evening from the company.

The smoke could be toxic, and that was why sirens had sounded over Hedensted and Løsning, and an emergency announcement had been issued, stating that people should close windows and doors, turn off the ventilation and stay inside.

The warning concerned citizens in the areas east and west of Hovedvejen, among these the village Remmurslund, as well as the villa area in Hedensted's north part of town, north of Constantiavej, the area directly north of Ndr. Fabriksvej and the area directly east of Ndr. Fabriksvej.

- We urge people to hold themselves away. It is not for fun that we send out such a message, says emergency chief for Sydøstjylland's Fire Department Dennis Ottosen.

The smoke could be seen far around and also all the way in Horsens and continued the draw in the curious during the evening.

The area around the factory was blocked by police and the Danish Home Guard (Hjemmeværnet).

The head of guard from Sydøstjylland's Police Department, Kenneth Ravnholt, urged people to respect the shut-off and follow the directions of police.

- We kindly ask people to respect our directions. We don't know if it is fiberglass that is burning, said the head of guard.

The information about the fire in the 2000 m2 of industrial buildings arrived at 19:54 o'clock. At 21:45 Sydøstjylland Police Department announced via Ritzau that one of the factory's buildings was overly burned, and was damaged beyond repair.

The fibreglass factory Poca Glasfiber in Hedensted produces many different things of fibreglass, among which boats.

The work to extinguish the fire was expected to continue until Tuesday morning

Original text by Elisabet D. Hyttel