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The clean-up after oil spill is in progress on local beaches

Today Horsens and Hedensted municipalities will begin cleaning up after the oil spill that has hit the coasts of Endelave and near Juelsminde. Photo: Emil Fibiger

The clean-up after oil spill is in progress on local beaches

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endelave - Tuesday morning began the clean-up on local beaches after an oil pollution has hit both Juelsminde and Endelave.

Last Friday a Portuguese cargoship hit aground by Fyns Hoved. In connection with this, a hole appeared in the ship's oil tank, and this is the oil that is now to be removed from the beaches where there are polluted eelgrass, sand and birds.

For more than two days Sydøstjylland's Fire Department together with among others Forsvarets Operationscenter have watched the contamination from the ship and have tried to get an overview of the extent of it and where the oil would come ashore.

Among others employees from Hedensted Municipality and Beredskabsforbundet have monitored the coastlines on Endelave and Juelsminde.

There are, according to both the fire brigade and some locals, found both oil lumps, oily eelgrass and birds filled with oil, on the beaches.

Nevertheless, contingency director Dennis Ottosen from Sydøstjylland's Fire Department still describes the pollution as relatively small.

- It looks definitely more violent than it is. When eelgrass is covered in oil it can quickly come to fill much of the space on the beach, he says.

The task will take time

Last night the message from the fire department sounded such that the extent of the contamination is now being established, and therefore the actual cleanup can begin.

This morning the local contingency staff met and handed all information and responsibility to the municipalitites, which will now be in charge of the cleanup.

This will be done by employees from Horsens and Hedensted municipalities that are to come out on the affected beaches and clean them from eelgrass, covered in oil.

- Employees must simply collect the eelgrass and drive it away, and later it will be destroyed, says Dennis Ottosen.

He has no answer as to when the cleanup of the beaches can be completed.

- We can only comment on it when the cleanup really begins. But it is clear that this is a job that will take some time, he says.

Dennis Ottosen encourages citizens to keep their hands off of the oily eelgrass. If you find birds or other animals covered in oil, you can contact the police by calling 114.

Original text by Anne Bech Birch-Larsen