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Rabbit Hole Festival turns up the heat

The Rabbit Hole Festival is known for the party and the colours. Archive Photo: Martin Ravn

Rabbit Hole Festival turns up the heat

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horsens - The local underground have long ago put a mark in the calendar on Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th of May. Then is the time for this year's Rabbit Hole Festival.

The focal point will be again Det Gule Pakhus at Madevej but the festival has the ambition to spread out and is about to put the last pieces into a very ambitious program.

As the chairman for the Rabbit Hole Association Julie Horne Møller says:

- With this year festival we're coming a step closer to the original idea of the festival: to create a fertile soil for cooperation between a multitude of different cultural institutions of the town. It is our clear goal to build a base where creativity can be allowed to unfold across genres.

This will manifest itself, among other things, by the Rabit Hole people moving into The Cube in the week leading to the actual festival. Here an audience patrol and different performers will give samples of this year's program which is about music, art, poetry and underground culture in broader sense.

For the whole family

It is also new that Rabbit Hole invites children to the underground.

On Saturday the 28th of May, the festival will be devoted to children and families. Then it will be possible to enjoy four children bands which perform for the first time on a big scene.

Furthermore, the afternoon offers yoga for the whole family and two workshops for children, one with sound and the other with words.

Words are also in the center of one of the offers for the adults: "Te(k)st yourself".

Under the competent guidance of the poetry slammer Kim Linnet you can work with words and - if the result is good enough - perform with your self-written text on the evening's scene.

The workshop covers a lot - from poetry, poetry slam, fictional short stories and prose for facts in discordant forms.

Everything takes place on Friday 27th May, at 15:30 - 18:00 with a following performance at around 19:00.

The people who are interested can sign up by sending an e-mail to

The festival's final program will be unveiled during the coming weeks on the festival's Facebook page.

Rabbit Hole Festival 2016 is created by cooperation between Rabbit Hole Foreningen anno 2011, Det Gule Pakhus, Elektrisk Cirkus and Gadeyoga Styrelsen.

(Original text Chr. Rimestad)