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Publicity in numbers: Smukfest takes first place

Smukfest takes the first place as the festival that gets the most media coverage per participant. Archive photo

Publicity in numbers: Smukfest takes first place

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Roskilde Festival and Smukfest dominate the festival talks in the media and get the users to the keys on social media.

Skanderborg: Measured by the number of participants, Roskilde Festival is Denmark's biggest festival, and together with Smukfest the two festivals are behind for vast majority of media coverage that Danish festivals generate.

- Roskilde Festival and Smukfest together account for 60 percent of the talk of summer festivals in the media - and in social media they account for 64 percent of the talk among users, says Martin Persson, Senior Analyst at Infomedia.

He elaborates:

- Roskilde Festival and Smukfest are along in years and most festival days get publicized, but if you look at the media talks of Danish festivals distributed by participants, Northside is also in top 3.

In Infomedias, making up of the festivals' coverage in editorial media and social media by number of participants, Roskilde Festival places itself well above the average.

Despite the great result, both Smukfest and Northside make it even better.

Northside enters in second place, while Smukfest ranks first as the festival that has definitely the most media coverage per participant.

The explanation for the top three rankings is probably attributable to several factors, according to Senior Analyst at Infomedia, Martin Persson:

- Danish festivals are good at providing media coverage and at the same time the participants have portable chargers in their pockets, there is wifi in the festival venues and access to an ever-expanding range of media, where they can share photos from the parties while simultaneously connecting with other festival goers. This leads to sharing and tagging of the festival experience like never before.

It is also precisely on social media that Smukfest seriously cements its first place as the festival that gets the most talk about per participant.

While Roskilde Festival had 42 percent of all editorial reviews against Smukfest's 18 percent, the two festivals, each account for one-third of all festival coverage on the social media.