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Now pigs are slaughtered at Danish Crown again: But the conflict is not over

Last Friday the knives in Danish Crown in Egebjerg were quiet, but on Monday morning employees worked again as normal. They went on strike in protest against the new settlement. Archive photo.

Now pigs are slaughtered at Danish Crown again: But the conflict is not over

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The strike lasted for a single day this time, but the conflict is not over, says the union representative.

Egebjerg: Pigs are slaughtered again at Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Horsens.

The employees who chose to abandon the work in protest against the new settlement on Friday, had already then decided that the work would resume on Monday. That was proven correct.

- The conflict is not over but we are working again, union representative Klaus Olesen could tell yesterday morning.

Friday's strike does not stand alone.

- We are about to be at a place where the slaughterhouse workers regularly strike. But it is a consequence of the fact that the workers have become more and more pressured. We hope that the leadership will gradually begin to recognize the staff's hard work so that we can avoid the unfortunate situation, that's when we shut down the work. A strike costs both the staff and the slaughterhouse money but it's a shout for help, says the union representative.

According to the settlement, slaughterhouse workers are guaranteed a wage increase of 2,5 dkk per hour per a year for the following three years, but the employees now hope that they, together with the management, can make better agreements on payment and working conditions.

Written by: Ingeborg D. Faurholt

Translated by: Kristina Georgieva

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