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Now it's time to taste the whiskey

Now it's time to taste the whiskey

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Translated by: Georgi Iliev
Horsens in english. 

Local Vinoble stands behind an event, which should lubricate the horseners' palates.

Horsens: It may sound like a real alcohol test, and this is exactly what it is. Because when Vinoble at Hestedamsgade in Horsens on the 16th of May offers whiskey tasting at Håndværkerforeningen (The association of Craftsmen) in Allegade, there will be tasting of various types of whiskeysfrom the Scottish highland.


On the program is the producer Highland Park, who with seven different products - from 12-year to 25-year, and from "Ambassador's choice" to "Fire edition" - will offer an evening with the opportunity to taste your way through this part of the Scottish whiskey production.


The event will be held in Håndværkerforeningen, since Vinoble's own tasting room is quite simply all too small for such a big event.


In the evening Martin Markvardsen, who is so-called brand ambassador for Highland Park and a very requested gentleman, will come.


- Martin Markvardsen is not just any mister. We have actually waited one and a half years for him to come, and there was just one date to choose, so this is why it will be a Tuesday, says Claus Helgesen, owner of Vinoble Horsens.


-Martin works close together with the team at Highland Park, so here is a unique opportunity to taste some fantastic whiskey and hear the stories directly from him, says Claus Helgesen.


The tasting in Håndværkerforeningen begins at 19:00 o'clock and tickets should be bought.

Original text by Jørgen Hasseriis