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New signs indicate selfie stick prohibition and vegetarian food

New signs indicate selfie stick prohibition and vegetarian food

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There are signs for toilets, parking lots and no smoking areas. Now there are also signs for wi-fi and vegetarian food.

Denmark: Selfie stick enthusiasts now have a new nightmare. A sign with a red line across a hand with a phone on a stick: Selfie stick prohibited!

The so-called pictogram is included in the updated version by Danish Standard, which has for the first time since 1987 been updated.

Here classics such as a red line over a cigarette ("No smoking") and "a dog on a leash" have been joined by signs for everything from vegetarian food, "open passport and place on scanner" and "hair away from face."

A total of 100 new pictograms are ready to adorn the everyday life in Denmark.

  • The sign industry in Denmark has long been in a great need for the update of the old piktogram standard from 1987, where the technology and especially digitalization have since been developing rapidly.

  • There were not many people at that time who thought of selfie sticks, wi-fi, underground or biometric facial recognition, says Claus Tvangsø, who is chairman of the standardization committee that has developed the new standard.

Several of the signs reflect that time has changed. Among other things, one of the signs shows a passport with an arrow down against a scanner. It serves to illustrate that one should be ready to scan their passport.

In the same way a face and a series of dots against a black spot along with a small camera in the corner illustrates that there is biometric face recognition ahead.

Furthermore, a sign for vegetarian food is created. It consists of a fork and a carrot.

Just like that the new sign collection also includes a sign asking people to remove their hair from the eyes. It is indicated by a long-haired face and an arrow from the center toward the top.

The new edition of signs also includes a number of updates. Thus, the dog on "dog on a leash" - and "dog prohibited" signs have got an extended tail. The locomotives, on the signs marking trains, are now recent.

Original text by Ritzau