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Minister of Foreign affairs visits VIA University

Minister of Foreign affairs visits VIA University

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Horsens - As his first official speech as minister of foreign affairs, Anders Samuelsen choose to speak in his hometown, Horsens.

His subject for the day was globalization and the opportunities and threats that come along. Therefore, he thought it best to return to where it all began for him, at home thinking of a bigger world than just going from the east coast of Jutland to the west coast of Jutland.

Anders pointed out that the globalization is a thing which has existed for many decades, but the goal changes rapidly. As mentioned previously going from coast to coast in the same country was a globalization for some, but now the youth wants to travel the world to seek education or careers.

Every generation has their own globalization, which we have to respect was among Anders' main points of his speech.

"We're on the ledge of something we don't know where leads too" - Anders Samuelsen

With globalization come along difficulties, that need to be handled and here he mentioned just some of these he has to deal with or at least have knowledge about.

Among the crisis mentioned were: Ukraine, Crimea conflict, China continuing to grow rapidly, Israel & Palestine conflict, war in Syria, Brexit and Russian interest in the Baltic sea.

The list goes on he added, but that is the nature of being involved and wanting to be a part of the world.

"The world can be unpleasant, but it will be alright" says Anders Samuelsen.

At the end of the speech he reminds the young people in the audience that to shape a better future they have to seek new knowledge and experience. Then apply that to become the winners of tomorrow and with that ensure everybody becomes a winner.