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Lundens beautiful crocus is a hit on the camera lens - even from the air

The colorful harbingers of spring in Lunden notify once again that spring is here. Photo: Mette Graugaard

Lundens beautiful crocus is a hit on the camera lens - even from the air

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Horsens: Right now the crocus carpet in Lunden is spreading spring colors and joy. On Saturday the beautiful sight was quite an attraction on the walk, and few pedestrians passed the beautiful sight without perpetuating it with their phones - with or without themselves and friends and family on the photo.

A Romanian couple took the excitement to new heights. They had taken their drone with them in order to film the impressive sight from above. And as a big bumblebee the drone buzzed in the air over the belt of crocus to capture the beautiful sight.

Everyone takes pictures from below, with the drone we can get video from above, explained Andreea Ciucnel and Marius Papa, who are both studying at VIA in Horsens and are excited about flowers.

They love to take photos - even with an ordinary camera - but on Saturday in the spring sunshine the drone's instruments were to be tested in Lunden.

It's an amazing view, said the young couple who have lived in Horsens for four and a half years.

See the colorful harbingers of spring.

Original text by Mette Graugaard