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Local metal company-no to the industry's agreement

Local metal company-no to the industry's agreement

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horsens - It will be a "no thank you" from Dansk Metal Horsens, when there will be a vote on the settlement of an agreement in the industrial area.

This is what the local president Bjarne Sørensen states. The minor salary increases do not reflect that the industry has earned tremendously in recent years, he believes. On the plus side the metal-chairman points among others to full salary during parental leave, extended opportunity to take time off for child's sickness and better conditions for temporary workers. Also child care days and senior regime he welcomes, even though we are dealing with self-paid goods.

- But senior regime does not solve the problem of attrition and smashed early retirement scheme. It will not be solved by people drawing on their pension savings or paying cuts in their last years on the labor market, he says.

Overall the result is far from the members' expectations, says the chairman.

- There is no breakthrough that justifies that we must enter into a three-year agreement. So it will be no thanks from here, he says.

Original text by Ingeborg D. Faurholt