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Langelinie becomes now a proper beach

Langelinie seen from the air in the summer of 2008. This summer it might be filled with bathing horseners. Archive photo: Martin Ravn

Langelinie becomes now a proper beach

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The stones and brick blocks will be removed, and a 50cm deep layer of beach sand will be placed around the wooden pier. According the plan bathing guests can begin to use the new beach at the end of May.

Horsens: In the summer the bathing conditions by Langelinie in Horsens will be significantly improved. Stones and brick blocks will be removed and half a meter deep layer of beach sand will be placed in the area around the wooden pier.


This, combined with stationary toilet- and bathing facilities, should turn Langelinie into an real alternative for bathing next to Husodde.


The municipality have had the consultant firm Hasløv & Kjærsgaard analyse the possibilities for setting up a city beach and yesterday the technical and environmental committee vouched for a solution where the beach is confined to an area by the wooden pier.


There is also a possibility to lengthen the sand beach all the way in towards the small boat harbour but it is not ongoing - yet, says Ole Pilgaard Andersen (DF), chairman for the technical and environmental committee, who handled the case yesterday.


- Now we are trying out this solution at first and then we may evaluate according to it, he says and emphasizes that the committee, generally seen, have great ambitions for Langelinie.


- It should be an attractive and active place for among others families with children. At the same time we are becoming more and more people in Horsens, so we need an alternative to Hussode Beach, he says.

Free toilet building

It has also been discussed whether the bottom of the fjord should be deepened at the end of the wooden pier, but this will not happen. The consultant firm has assessed that this would "form a cavity, where seaweed and fine sediments (mud) will tend to accumulate", as it says in the report.


The toilet building is just the one, which today stands by the town hall, and the municipality have actually one in stock already, which will be moved to Langelinie.


- It is financed by advertisements, and the company that is behind it, provides cleaning and maintenance, says Ole Pilgaard Andersen.

The total cost for the improvements by Langelinie is set to 600 000 kr. The city council is to take the final decision about the case at the city council meeting on the 28th of March. If the project gets a green light, it is hoped that pier and sand should be in place at the end of May.


Original text by Thomas Schütt