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House for sale: Postal code 8700 is top of the pops

Entire 629 times a pair of house keys changed its owner in 8700 Horsens last year. This makes the postcode the most popular in the country, states Archive photo

House for sale: Postal code 8700 is top of the pops

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horsens - A whole 629 times a sales contract for a townhouse or villa in postal area 8700 was signed last year.

That made 8700 the postcode in Denmark where the most villas and townhouses were sold in 2016. informs that, based on an evaluation of the number of sold villas and townhouses in 2016, 8700 is appointed Denmark's most popular postal code.

According to Boligsiden 8700 Horsens pushes last year's winner 4000 Roskilde down to second place, while 8600 Silkeborg has to settle with a third place.

Fastest growing

The nomination of 8700 Horsens as the country's most popular postcode to buy a house in in 2016 is connected to the fact that according to figures from Danmarks Statistik, Horsens was Jylland's fastest growing municipality in 2015 with a population growth of just over 1,400 residents.

According to Danmarks Statistik the trend will continue until 2030 when the population of Horsens is expected to have grown by 13 percent compared to today.

In the cheap end

The many home buyers in Horsens can be happy that even though 8700 was the most popular postcode in Denmark in 2016, it was far from the most expensive.

In fact, 8700 Horsens is down to number 149 on the list of the most expensive zip codes, states Boligsiden.

In 8700 Horsens one square meter villa or townhouse cost on average 12,178 kroner last year.

In the country's most expensive postal code, 2930 Klampenborg, the same square meter cost 54,629 kroner.

The country's second most expensive postcode in 2016 was 2100 Copenhagen (49,926 kroner/ m2 ) and 2920 Charlottenlund on third place (43,309 kroner / m2 ).

Original text by Palle Søderberg.