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Do you have a good idea: 2 million kroner are looking for green projects

Do you have a good idea: 2 million kroner are looking for green projects

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Translated by: Kristina Georgieva
Horsens in english. 

Horsens: Do you have an idea to create more green areas in Horsens city center, to make Søndergade more sustainable or something completely different?

- Then send an application soon, says NRGi's chairman, Eva Ryberg, in a press release.

The energy company is ready with a bag of money for small or large projects that can promote sustainable development in the supply area.

As part of Nrgi's policy to pay a share of the profits to the shareholders, six million Danish kroner were allocated in a pool last year. The first approximately four million Danish kroner were distributed in the autumn, and now there are more than two million Danish kroner for the second round. Applications for getting a part from the money can be sent by 17th May. This is done via NRGi's website.

Among the 17 projects from East Jutland that received money in the first round was the Kayak Club in Snaptun, which received 19.000 Danish kroner for a new central heating, and the Horsens Foundation Genbrugsgravsten, which received 300.000 Danish kroner for a project to restore old tombstones that would otherwise be destroyed.

Original text by Ingeborg D. Faurholt