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Ding-dong, dance, music and theater jump-started The Cultural Year in The Prison

The Comedy House (Komediehuset) celebrated the official opening of The Cultural Year with a party on Saturday, where the theme was travel. Photo: Lars Juul

Ding-dong, dance, music and theater jump-started The Cultural Year in The Prison

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horsens -Ding-dong so it's time for departure to the year of Capital of Culture.

This was heard from the speakers, as on Saturday morning Komediehuset did its best to mark the opening of Aarhus as European Capital of Culture 2017.

Komediehuset's contribution was a big festive show in The Prison's (Fængslet) storehouse- the prison's original warehouse.

In honour of the occasion the whole hall buzzed of airport atmosphere. From the moment the guests were welcomed at the door and swapped tickets with "boarding passes", through a harmless "security check" they passed, to the scenes, that took place both on and below the stage where Komediehuset's actors acted as airport staff from baggage workers to pilots and flight attendants.

When all the several hundred guests were welcomed the familiar ding-dong sounded, which in this case meant the departure to both The Cultural year and a large-scape airport show with trips to Wonderland and Dance country.

Komediehuset was behind the setup but with the help of a great deal of Horsens' young talents among others from Horsens Amateur Theater and Youth school (Horsens Amatørteater og ungdomsskolen), but East Jutland's Climbing club (Østjysk Klatreklub) was also part of it, whereas on the stage were dancers and actors from several local clubs and associations to connect the entire journey together, while students from Horsens' Music School (Horsens Musikskole) took care of festive tones for the fun.

Original text by Ingeborg D. Fauerholt