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Cold in Southern Europe causes vegetable shortage in Danish stores

Cold in Southern Europe causes vegetable shortage in Danish stores

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GROCERIES - At Netto, Føtex and Bilka at present people find it difficult to get enough fresh vegetables on the shelves.

The vast majority of fresh vegetables come to the Danish shops from Southern Europe, and the bad weather conditions here have destroyed many crops, writes Berlingske Business.

- We have put information signs in the stores to inform the customers that presently there will be limited quantities and lack of a variety of vegetables due to a lot of rain and cold in Southern Europe.

That's what group senior director Stephan Bruhn, procurement officer at Dansk Supermarked Group, says to Berlingske Business.

Among others this may mean that it can be difficult to provide organic and conventional broccoli, squash, certain cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers and iceberg lettuce in the coming weeks.

Stephan Bruhn has not experienced anything like this in the past 25 years as a purchaser of vegetables, he elaborates to the newspaper. In the coming weeks the purchaser expects to get only 25 percent of the ordered vegetables from Southern Europe.

The shortage can mean a 10 percent price increase on a few products.

- It's not like the customers cannot buy anything in the stores. We have good Danish vegetables, carrots, mushrooms and onions, says Stephan Bruhn.

In Spain the vegetable growers got disproportionate amounts of water in November and December. In Italy, which has been hit by heavy snowfalls, the crops are also damaged or difficult to plant and get to grow.

Read the original article in Danish right here.