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Ask about the city's future

Do you ever wonder how it will end when the city is renovated? The citizens can hear more about this during the coming info meetings. Archive photo: Jørgen Hasseriis

Ask about the city's future

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horsens - Under the headline "Horsens grows" Horsens Municipality invites now everybody interested to seven information meetings about the many projects that are planned in the city center in the coming years.

All meetings will be held at Horsens Ny Teater, and the first one will be held on Tuesday, 28. February.

Among the topics are the new campus, the traffic plans, the renovation of the pedestrian street, the river and the harbor.

Ask questions

The meetings are distributed at different times of day so that everyone gets the chance to come.

During the meetings the Mayor Peter Sørensen will talk about "the many exciting initiatives" as formulated in a press release from Horsens Municipality.

The citizens will then have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and make comments to the mayor and the other city councillors.

- Horsens grows and therefore there is a need for more housing, shops, educations and better traffic solutions. It will be fantastic for the city to get a campus, a beautiful and newly renovated pedestrian street and a better flowing traffic, and I am looking forward to telling about it, says Mayor Peter Sorensen.

He understands that some citizens may find it difficult to follow when there are so many new things happening at once. Therefore, he is looking forward to going in depth with the plans.

Jens Heslop, Director of Technology and Environment, is also looking very much forward to coming out and discussing the plans with citizens.

Write everything down

- Now we're finally where we can say that many of the plans can be realized. We will write down all the questions, requests and comments, and will use them in our further work.

The citizens must sign up for the information meetings on

It has not been possible to take the individual party leaders' calendars into consideration when organizing the series of meetings, but many of party leaders have promised to participate in as many meetings as possible.

Information meetings

Tuesday 28. February, at 8.30-10.30 o'clock

Tuesday 7. March, at 19.30-21.30 o'clock

Monday 20. March, at 19.30-21.30 o'clock

Monday 27. March, at 16.00-18.00 o'clock

Tuesday 28. March, at 8.30-10.30 o'clock

Wednesday 29. March, at 12.30-14.30 o'clock

Tuesday 4. April, at 19.30-21.30 o'clock

Original text by Jørgen Hasseriis