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Artist scolded while working in Fugholm

Katarzyna Wasilewska is working toward a deadline on Friday, as statsskolen has arranged a private viewing at 14 o'clock. Meanwhile she is fighting against neighbors who do not like the art that takes shape on the yellow wall. Photo: Palle Herløv

Artist scolded while working in Fugholm

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The artist Katarzyna Wasilewska, has unexpectedly difficult working conditions in Fugholm, where she is currently working on a project to get poems of local high school students painted on an old yellow wall.

Horsens: Local artist Katarzyna Wasilewska, who runs the design firm Kasia Lilja, was the other day out of an unpleasant experience when she worked on a work of art in Fugholm.

Horsens Statsskole has been authorized by Horsens Kommune's Culture Committee to decorate the yellow wall that Løvbjerg owns. The decoration consists of a series of poems that students have written a so-called recess project in the autumn. 

- Apparently not everyone understands what this is all about. Art and poetry are very subjective, and it should so. It is okay to perceive it differently, but last Wednesday I was confronted by three or four people standing with their arms crossed who made it clear that they did not care what they saw in their street, explains Katarzyna Wasilewska yesterday morning, as she continued to paint on the gradually porous yellow wall.

- They thought I was doing graffiti, and they swore and cursed me, so I actually walked away with tears in my eyes. It was very degrading and offensive, and it was a strange experience, as I am performing a task for which the school has paid me and which the municipality has approved, says Katarzyna Wasilewska. 

" I'm doing a job that I have been hired t,o like a craftsman. The municipality and Løvbjerg have allowed it, and so it is a little weird to have to discuss with people if that's okay." Katarzyna Wasilewska, Artist

Another verbal overhaul today

On another occasion, a woman seized her by the arm, wanting to hear if she had also been allowed to paint on the wall.

- I could then tell her that I had, and there was not more to it. Shortly after, a man stood up and looked at me for 10 minutes without saying anything while others, who seemed to be interested in the project, asked questions. So, the fact that I'm standing here is a bit of mixed feelings, said the artist Tuesday morning around 9.30 o'clock.

An hour later, it went bad again when a woman scolded Katarzyna Wasilewska. It has now gotten lecturer Marianne Mielke from Horsens Statsskole in Fugholm so that she can "defend" the project she has been the coordinator of.

Katarzyna should not defend this. We have hired her to perform a task that everyone has given permission to. The idea is that the students' poems should decorate the wall and at the same time help to establish a connection between the city and the harbor, so we naturally hoped that people would be appreciative, says Marianne Mielke to Folkebladet.

Original text by Palle Herløv.