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Artist: Horsens' new North Harbour should have a Bering Sculpture

Arnt Uhres sculpture of Vitus Bering is in the plaster. It must be created in Horsens and has to be molded in more weather-resistant bronze.

Artist: Horsens' new North Harbour should have a Bering Sculpture

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horsens - When Horsens Municipality now starts to change the entire North Harbour, it will be certainly appropriate that there will be a sculpture by the city's famous son, Vitus Bering.

Behind the proposal is Arnt Uhre, a painter and sculptor from Aarhus.

He also owns the sculpture: a 260 cm high Bering, who with vision in the eyes extends his right arm pointing forward.

- The sculpture must of course stand so that Bering points to the East - the way he headed when he in the 1720s and 1730s explored the Eastern Siberia and the waters there, says Arnt Uhre.

He also suggests that the statue is placed on a granite stone from Russia.

- In this way Bering will be on Russian territory. This will mark his affiliation to the great country where he is today known as Russia's Columbus, says Arnt Uhre.

Must be great

The sculpture was created by the Aarhus' artist back in the 1990s. Already then he turned to Horsens Municipality's culture department but without success.

- They did not really manage to get here to see what I had done, he says.

And the work should just be seen, says Arnt Uhre.

- It's a great figure. It must be if it is shown outdoors, he states.

The design leans heavily on the portrait of Bering, which Russian scientists created based on the sea danger's skull that was found in the early 1990s in his tomb, in the Bering Sea.

- Until then pictures of him showed more of a fattish gentleman than a sailor, says Arnt Uhre.

Physically demanding

His Vitus Bering is an imposing figure that stands in its left hand with a sextant - the most important navigational instrument of that time.

- Being a sailor in the 1700s was physically demanding and it could clearly be seen in his appearance, thinks Arnt Uhre.

He plays with the figure now when the plans for North Harbour are still underway.

- Then the sculpture can be included in the planning, he says and hopes that Horsens Municipality now collaborate.

The Bering statue will also be a good addition to Horsens' current memory of the world-famous son: the bronze board in the Bering Park, flanked by two guns from his ship.

Original text by Chr. Rimestad