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72,777 customers affected by a power failure monday morning

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72,777 customers affected by a power failure monday morning

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horsens - Large parts of Horsens and the surrounding areas were affected by a massive power failure Monday morning.

Per Svendsen, communications director at the energy company NRGi, who is responsible for, that there is power in the area's houses, informs that exactly 51,927 customers were affected.

At Eniig, that covers the area north of Horsens, the power cut hit 20,850 customers, the company said.

This brings the total number of affected customers to at least 72,777.

Per Svendsen explains that the cause of the breakdown is to be found in Hatting, where the supply from the main pipeline was interrupted.

- We do not know why it happened, but when a station like the one in Hatting is disconnected, it means that the underlying stations are cut out, he explains.

The breakdown was, according to Per Svendsen, discovered at 7.13am and after three minutes the first customers had power again. The last could turn on the light again after 12 and a half minutes, explains the communications director.

Hard to gugard against major failure

How the supply to the station in Hatting could fail is still uncertain, and it is difficult to guard against a recurrence.

- One can never protect themselves against breakdowns, and it is unfortunate for those who are affected, but I have not heard that it has created greater problems this time, says Per Svendsen.

- We can confirm that the power came back very quickly to the station in Hatting, after which we did put the underlying transformer stations back in, he says.

Not the first time

It is not the first time the station in Hatting has been the center of a large a power failure locally.

This, for example, happened also in the spring of 2014, when 47,000 households and businesses were hit by a blackout that marked a large part of NRGi's supply area in eastern Jutland. Then everybody within a range from Horsens and Hatting over to Juelsminde and Hedensted was hit.

Original text by Jacob Høgh.