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The great downtown plan: First Søndergade will be renovated - and then the big projects will come

A renovation of Søndergade is the first project that will be launched. It will include include new pavement on the city?s main pedestrian street. Archive photo

The great downtown plan: First Søndergade will be renovated - and then the big projects will come

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horsens - Søndergade will be reconstructed, the brook traced back to Åboulevarden, unfashionable apartments will be restored, the traffic around the city center will be rerouted, the Campus reshuffle will be carried out and more.

The visions of the overall strategy for the city that on Wednesday were passed by the Technical and Environment committee are great. The strategy is a result of the work on the city since 2009, which among others includes public hearings with over 450 citizens and the Campus reshuffle. This is what Horsens Municipality writes in a press release.

- We have had many exciting ideas and input during the whole process, which are now to be pursued, says Lene Krogh, architect and project manager for the downtown strategy and the area renewal which is also part of the project.

Lene Krogh says that the downtown strategy ensures that those many projects are thought of together as a whole.

Søndergade renovated

The first project that will be implemented is a reconstruction of Søndergade. The planning has started and Søndergade-group has been formed to follow up and comment on the project.

The group is composed of members of CityHorsens, building owners, residents and interest groups.

Peter Otto Nielsen, Vice President of Business Horsens' Board of Directors, is looking forward to the cooperation on the development of Søndergade.

- From the retail side, we are very glad that Søndergade now gets the overtaking we have been waiting for. It will be of course hard while the work is in progress. But we are in a good dialogue with the municipality where we plan the process as best as we can. I am glad that the carrying experience will be even more exciting than it is today.

According to Mayor Peter Sorensen (S) this is an obligation when a city like Horsens evolves from being a provincial town to becoming a great city.

Proud mayor

- I am proud of the entire process Horsens has been through and the commitment that has been shown. I am sure it will make the city even better for the people who live here, as it will help to attract new residents, he says in the press release from the municipality.

The chairman of the Technical and Environmental committee, Ole Pilgaard Andersen (DF), is also pleased with the enormous boost innovations will give the city center.

- Housings and roads will be put in order and the road system will be restructured, so that only cars running errands downtown will drive. It will be an exciting future, we are going to meet, he notes.

The downtown strategy also opens the way to obtaining national grant to develop the city.

The City council handles Midtby strategy and area renewal on its meeting on Tuesday this week. After this the strategy could be read on

Original text by Thomas Schütt