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Horsens is no worse than other cities

Photo: Søren E. Alwan

Horsens is no worse than other cities

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HORSENS - Horsens is a fine place to go out in and there is no more trouble on Mælketorvet than there is about other cities.

That was the message when Saturday night Horsens Folkeblad took a city tour in the area in front Horens Ny Teater, where many of the city's young people go in the weekend.

Last weekend a policeman was hit on the head by a bottle on Mælketorvet and there are frequent reports from the police about violent agitation and disorderly conduct.

But it's not that bad, sounded the message on one of the big Christmas weekends, and the people Folkebladet met were also all in a positive, festive mood marked by joy and smiles.

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The people in small groups stood around and talked. Some were silencing their hunger at the area's pizzerias, all along taxis and cars arrived with people who continued to Mad Americans, Hekkenfeld or Zwei Grosse Bier Bar.

The two siblings, 24-year-old Nita Nordberg Anthoniussen and 28-year-old Brian No rdberg Anthoniussen, were caught at Grosse Zwei Bier Bar and stood to get some fresh air.

In her daily life Nita lives in Odense but comes from Horsens, which she knows very well. Here she used to go out in the city when she was younger.

- My mother says there is a lot of trouble in the city. That's what she reads in the newspaper. But it's not something I have experienced, said Nita Nordberg Anthoniussen.

- Yes, sometimes there is a little fuss and some fights, but it is not that violent. Horsens is no worse than other cities, explained her older brother Brian Nordberg Anthoniussen.

27-year-old Christian Hansen agrees with that.

He had just arrived at Mælketorvet in a taxi together with a handful of friends.

- There is always a great atmosphere here in the area. I do not think there are problems with trouble. It may be late at night when people are about to go home and they wait for a taxi. Then the mood may change when it is difficult to get a taxi, explained 27-year-old Christian Hansen from Horsens.

- We are coming from a Christmas party, and now we are on the way to Gran, explained the young men.

They laughed loudly as the party was in full swing.

One knows everyone

A group of young 16-17 year olds stood on a corner with newly purchased pizza slices to silence their hunger.

- We should really have played Fifa all night, but then we took a spontaneous decision and came downtown. We went out at 23 o'clock, and then we walked around. We shall certainly go to Mad Americans later, said 16-year-old Sarah Højgaard.

The young people agreed that there is always a good atmosphere downtown in the weekend. They have not experienced bad atmosphere and trouble.

- The good thing about Horsens is that you always meet someone you know, said Sarah Højgaard.

A new group arrived at Mælketorvet in high spirits.

- It is better to go out in Aarhus than in Horsens, but the good thing about Horsens is that mostly everyone is gathered here around Mælketorvet, said 21-year-old Chris Porup.

- We have been to a pre-party and now we are off to Hekkenfeld. There is a bit of a difference about who goes to the different places. There are a lot of people from Learnmark going to Mad Americans, while people in state school go to Hekkenfeld. The elderly go to Zwei Grosse Bier bar, sounded the explanation from Chris Porup who, by the way, has previously gone to Learnmark.

- But there is not that much trouble, he said before following his friends to Hekkenfeld.

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