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Christmas in Horsens is also hardcore wrestling at Fængslet

The opponents are hard with each other in the wrestling matches. Archive photo: Michael Svenningsen

Christmas in Horsens is also hardcore wrestling at Fængslet

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horsens -Christmas in Horsens is a lot of concerts with Christmas music, the Salvation Army in Søndergade, people loaded with packages - and wrestling at The Prison.

It has been this way for several years - and it is going to be this way on Friday.

Denmark's biggest wrestling federation, Dansk Pro Wrestling, travels all year round around the Danish land and arranges shows, big and small. The mission of the federation is to spread the knowledge about wrestling in Denmark and deliver an alternative form of sport entertainment for spectators of all ages. Tri-fold

So on Friday at 8:00 PM comes one round of Christmas-wrestling in The Printing House (Trykkeriet) at The Prison.

There are already a few matches prepared for "Hardcore X-Mas Wrestling", as the event is named.

In the main match Chaos meets his arch-enemy Big D in a burning-tables-match. The Danish champion Pretty Boy defends the title against Swedish Harley Rage. Mr PPV takes on Kristian Holm in a fight, where the loser may never again wrestle in Danish Pro Wrestling.

In addition the Danish tag-team champions Nitro Green & Ravn meet the German champions Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Carisma in a "best of three - title vs. title' match.

More matches will be announced at Dansk Pro Wrestling's website and Facebook page, state the organizers.

Tickets can be booked via or bought at the entrance.

Original texy by Chr. Rimestad