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A new motorway is closer

Archive photo: Dennis Lehmann/Scanpix

A new motorway is closer

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traffic - On Tuesday a broad political agreement on making preliminary research for a new Jutland parallel motorway was entered into.

All parties in the parliament, except SF, Enhedslisten and Alternativet, agree to examine two stretches from Sønderjylland via Give and Viborg to Hobro. One of the alignments, which are brought into play, goes through Herning, informs TV MIDTVEST.

Signatory parties to the agreement agree to spend 25 million on preliminary studies of the stretch from Give and north. On the stretch south of Give the plan is to spend 40 million kroner and immediately embark on an EIA assessment.

- This is a breakthrough, an important first milestone towards a new motorway in Central Jutland. And it's great that it's become such a broad political agreement, says Venstre's transport spokesman, Kristian Pihl Lorentzen, to TV MIDTVEST.

This will relieve the pressure on the bridge over Vejle Fjord

The first stage of the motorway is to be made in the south, to relieve Vejlefjordbroen as soon as possible and take the worst of the pressure from E45. But there is still a long way from study to asphalt.

- We will first consider the assessment in two years. So it will take at least four before asphalt comes on the southern part of the road, says Kristian Pihl Lorentzen, and adds:

- I hope and believe that in 2030 one can come from the south and reach Viborg on the motorway. And then we still need the piece from Viborg to Hobro afterwards, says Venstre's transport spokesman to TV MIDTVEST.

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