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Education. Un-Danish tying

Publiceret: 11.01.2017 08:57
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Translated by: Diana Georgieva
Pia Tørving, Hybenvej 21, Odense, Chairman of HK Kommunal Midt, region council member in Region of Southern Denmark, the Social Democrats
”Sorry, you’ve already taken one education. So now you may well be within your subject for the rest of the work life ... ”. This is the short version of the legal text of the law by the government, the Social Democrats and Dansk Folkeparti have just voted to put a cap on the number of state-funded educations one can take.

In practice this means that a teacher cannot think about and instead indulge in the nursing profession. Or that a professor cannot be an educator. At least not with the support of the state. Then it will be with their own funds. The new law does in fact mean that you cannot take a government-funded higher education, if you have already taken one at either higher or the same level. The exercise will release 300 million kr., earmarked to patch up the unemployment benefit reform that precisely those parties passed last year.

There are many things at stake when the politicians in this way tie people to the same education for the rest of their working lives. It’s not about that it is a luxury to switch between educations. For we must assume it is about people who have made some mature reflections and commitments in their work and how they are best equipped to contribute to society with their daily (work) efforts.

Unfortunately, we may also assume that an education cap would violate a very Danish principle according to which we have equality in our education system. With the payment for education number two we give preference to young people from wealthy, educated families rather than young people from social conditions that leave no room for an expensive and long education with a user charge.

”If you have money, you can get one (education). If you do not you may go ... ” or in this case rather be. For with the un-Danish education cap we’re going to keep young people on one specific shelf. It is not fair that in this way the youth stresses about keeping their educational choices the rest of their working lives. It is also a lack of flexibility that does not seem to match the requirements of a labor market and business life, that just ask for flexibility and the ability to develop in new directions.

We educate ourselves for the future, but do we know it once we start on an education? The development goes so fast that suddenly there is no longer work in the education direction, for which we otherwise thought there were good development opportunities. And will this law even get young people to drop a degree if they can see the writing on the wall?

I honestly think that the politicians who have voted for the new education cap should get their fees back - and moreover give them to the young people who will in the future be tied to one education.

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