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Opinion: Social benefits Cap - There is something to be happy about

Publiceret: 09.01.2017 15:24 | Senest opdateret: 09.01.2017 15:28
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Written by: Hans Andersen, Fyrrebakken 24, Frederikssund, Member of the Parliament, Employment Spokesman for the Liberals Translated by: Kristina Geo
THE SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PER ANDERSEN may, like most of the other social democrats, not be happy about the fall of social beneficiaries (Folkebladet January 3). I can simply not understand that.

Since the spring the number of welfare recipients fell by 4,000 people. That happens after an extended period when the number had grown. It is encouraging and even Social Democrats should agree on that. It gives evidence to the fact that it makes a difference, of course, when it’s worth more to work.

Exactly as we ensure the social benefits cap.

Per Andersen writes further that the government merely moves people to other public services instead. But such a claim does not make sense since we can see that from April to September there are in total 17,000 fewer people on public benefits. At the same time we have seen many examples of how companies have received far more applications than before, after the social benefits cap became effective.

This fall is of course connected also with the fact that it goes better in the labor market. But this alone cannot explain the positive news. Because the number of people on social benefits, education benefits or integration benefits has just fallen when the social benefits cap was adopted.

It testifies that social benefits cap works even though the Social Democrats will not face it.

While we, the others, are so pleased that there are fewer people on social benefits, Per Andersen and other Social Democrats as well must soon decide whether they will approve the social benefits cap. So far it has not been possible to get a clear answer.

There are certainly good arguments for joining.

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