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 Ida Corr - KulisseLageret Saturday, February 4.Press photo
 Ida Corr - KulisseLageret Saturday, February 4.Press photo

See the program: KulisseLageret gets ready for a diverse spring

Publiceret: 06.01.2017 13:10
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Translated by: Diana Georgieva
From being a little set-down-to the pop has in recent years made a comeback in the Danish music scene.

This takes its toll in the coming spring at KulisseLageret in Horsens.

The pop-interest means a visit from amongst others a promising new name, Chinah, as well as a long-awaited reunion with the singer Ida Corr, who has not visited the venue since her breakthrough in 2006.

One of the folk-pop pioneers, The Attic Sleepers, will also drop by. There will be a local name in the same ballgame, Kristoffer Loft, who will be warming up.

The pop-interest can also be measured on the duo Phlake that in the autumn exceedingly crowded the venue. So here it is now that we are waiting for a new concert in the larger setting at Horsens Ny Teater.

The rock veterans
Rock and some of its great personalities will also get space in the basement of Teatertorvet.

D.A.D. guitarist Jacob Binzer, opera singer Andrea Pellegrini and cellist Josefine Opsah connect rock and classical music together at the upcoming Holmboe Festival.

The Danish-language rock godfather, Niels Skoussen, will visit with songs from both his new album, ” Hvem er du, som kommer imod mig” and from the backlist.

The singer Bjorn Fjæstad, whom most people know from the band Baal, is also present with a Danish release and gets himself ready for an intimate concert experience for just 80 guests.

To this add the guitarist Aske Jacoby, whose career has set a distinctive six-string imprint through his involvement in everything from CV Jørgensen to Sanne Salomonsen.

The hard boys

In the harder end of the spectrum there are prospects of among others Electric Guitars with Mika Vandborg and Søren Andersen, a game of old school thrash metal with Lipid and Persecutor and a revisit from Illdisposed from Aarhus, who are among the Danish metal bands that have managed to establish themselves internationally.

Kashmir drummer Asger Techau makes his debut album ” Phonetics”, which will be presented on a tour wiht Mads Tunebjerg among others (also Kashmir) on board.

Lots of blues
The Blues genre gets an extra shot, among others through the major project European Blues Challenge, which in April hits the the whole city with guests and musicians from 20 European countries.

Additionally, the blues people can look forward to a visit from the American blues icon Junior Watson, delta-blues equilibrist Lurrie Bell and Swedish LouLou LaMotte and Danish Martin Jønssons Blues Combo featuring Jesper Bjarnesen and Jens Haack.

And in just the non-definable genre you will find the new comet Bisse, which moves in a cross-over universe of many genres and expressions.

The season kicks off on Saturday, January 28 with Horsens All Stars, where more than a hundred local musicians will fill the scenes at both Horsens Ny Teater and KulisseLageret.

This spring’s attraction at KulisseLageret may well be Saturday, April 15, when two Gasolin/Kim Larsen copy orchestras will perform: local Gasoglim and Det Dårlige Selskab.

Original text: Christian Rimestad

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