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 Horsens love rammstein, it seems. Archivephoto
 Horsens love rammstein, it seems. Archivephoto

35,000 are ready: Rammstein’s concert in Horsens is sold out

Publiceret: 03.01.2017 16:47
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Horsens & Friends now reports that Rammstein’s concert on 25th of May, Thursday at the Prison is sold out.

That means that 35,000 people will be ready to meet the German band.

- It’s just so cool/awesome. I had hoped that we could draw many people to the city, but us ending on having sold out the tickets by now, meets really my wildest dreams, says Horsens & Friends’ director Frank Panduro.

He encourages all who did not manage to get a ticket to sign themselves on the waiting list that has been created.

The ticket sale tells everything about the band from Berlin that has over the years built up a large fan base here in Denmark.

There the Danish audience expects not only lots of heavy rock. Rammstein is also famous for lots of flames and fireworks as part of the show.

The concert takes place at the green area, west of the prison. The area has in recent months been drained and levelled, making it optimal for both Rammstein’s concert and what may come in the future.

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Horsens in English

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    JCI Horsens International with Horsens Folkeblad and supported by Horsens Kommune is behind the project Horsens in English.

    Horsens is an international city � with around 115 different nationalities living here. There are many reasons why people leave their home countries and become expats. It is to use the opportunities created by the common market in Europe, finding new job, going for studies or maybe to be with other family members who are already living abroad.

    Whatever your reasons, you mustn�t live in vacuum, even if you don�t know the language of this country. You need the information about the life around you.

    Horsens in English is an online project aiming to give newcomers access to the information about the town, to catch you up on current events and things that are happening around. We would like to give you more knowledge about Horsens, its most popular sights, people and organisations etc. We want to be not just the mirror reflecting important events for the area we serve, but would like to make the community dialogue, to share the stories of local people and internationals. In fact, Horsens in English is a voice that truly echoes the life of our community, to make you feel at home.

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